Project and Consultancy Services aim to provide the latest technology solutions to meet all kinds of IT Consolidation

Our technical sales and project management teams are the most highly-trained and specialised among system integrators in Turkey. Projects that are successfully implemented by our Technical Sales and Project Management Teams include; analysis, design, SRS preparation, product positioning, equipment supply, site preparation, energy and network infrastructure, installation and implementation for:

* I/T systems (hardware / system and application software)
* CCTV Solutions
* Storage and disaster recovery (D/R) systems,
* All types of communication networks (LAN, WAN, Wireless, Satellite, VoIP, etc)
* Surveillance and security systems
* Video conferencing

Our project management team executes and completes all the projects contracted by INTRON. Depending on the project, project management involves, project planning and budgeting; site survey and preparation, procurement and logistics of equipment and supplies; planning, selection and allocation of the most convenient partners, experts and qualified / non-qualified workers; strategic timing; establishing and maintaining good customer relations; management of subcontractors or contracted workers, technicians and supervisors working in multiple locations; running factory / performance tests; preparing and completing acceptance tests; training; preparation and submission of all formal applications, documents and project reports.